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Confessions of the Chronically Confused  (CCC) is an irreverent but substantive collection of  33 humorous short stories centered upon Bill Shames, an unusual 89-year-old man who lived his final year in a San Diego nursing home. Less of a memoir than an investigation into life questions that often are belatedly asked.   The stories center around his nursing home experience, told from the perspective of his author-caregiver.  They are a funny, endearing, heart-warming and insightful journey into the meaning of life and life-changing decisions.  Each of the stories raises life issues relevant to most adult readers.  The stories address how to view career ambition, relationships, compassionate community, the definition of ‘home’, what Love has to do with it, combating loneliness, healthy fear, the importance of respect and autonomy, how memories are important, giving and receiving love, hedonism, the two faces of passion and what trees can teach us.  All of them contain humorous dialogue and some degree of truth-seeking.   To purchase the complete collection, click on this Amazon link.   Or, you can check out some of the samples below: